- Provocative documentary Inside the Ku Klux Klan
features music by AMGC, Agnostic-Phibes, and Bob Keelaghan.
- New Music. Country Fresh: A Ghost Guitar Soundtrack.
- Muerte Pan Alley available now.

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Country Fresh:
A Ghost Guitar Soundtrack

It's weird.

It's meant to be loud.

It's streaming here.

Buy it for $3.99.

Before Bob Keelaghan did his recent soundtracks for Intersection and Inside The Ku Klux Klan, he did a score for a horror comedy made on a shoestring budget. It resulted in a compilation of solo guitar pieces written for two independent short films, Country Fresh: A Ghost Guitar Soundtrack is one part Doc Watson, one part stoner metal, one part spaghetti western, one part avant grade, one part jazz noir, and one part Dead Man. Filmmaker Terry Irwin asked him to score his short Country Fresh in 2013. Based on Irwin's ideas, Keelaghan picked up his electric guitar and fused his country-blues finger picking from AMGC with harsher and heavier sounds to suit the film's gloominess. So far, the film hasn't been released, but the soundtrack is up for consumption. Two tracks, "Bag Weird Suite" and "Theme From Bag" were taken from music written for a short film by AMGC drummer Jason Woolley. The EP can be regarded as a collection of solo guitar pieces and multi-guitar arrangements or as a meditative suite fusing dark, cinematic, musical genres. You decide.

The EP is available in all the usual digital stores and streaming services. It is selling for the low price of $3.99 on CD Baby. Click the links on the player to the left to download it.

New Documentary on
the KKK Features
S.A.P. Artists

A new, British documetary focussing on chapters of the Ku Klux Klan in several southern U.S. states features music by Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy, and an orginal score by Bob Keelaghan (also featuring Muerte Pan Alley's Rob Oxoby). Inside the Ku Klux Klan was directed and produced by BAFTA-award-winning Daniel Vernon. The film was shot over the course of seven months, as Vernon was given up-close access to members of the Traditionalist American Knights who have been capitalizing on the racial tensions escalating after the shooting of Michael Brown and the ensuing riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The AMGC contribution came about after Vernon, a fan of the band, contacted S.A.P. about using some of its back catalogue for the soundtrack. Given Vernon's track record and the importance of the subject matter, AMGC said yes. As Vernon had a goal of constructing a soundtrack with a life of it's own, much like in his previous film The Miraculous Tales of Mickey McGuigan, it evovled into having Muerte Pan Alley & AMGC guitarist Keelaghan write a number of original pieces.

Inside the Ku Klux Klan airs on Channel 4 in the UK on July 13, 2015. Look for it on the film festival circuit thereafter.

Praise for
Muerte Pan Alley's
Clunk & Sputter

Forget trios like Cream or Hendrix...Muerte Pan Alley have taken the true essence of the Blues, the angst, the joy, the hopelessness and the hope and translated that into a modern idiom.
- Blues Matters, England

…Gritty blues pickin', folky mountain banjo string acrobatics, stomp and crash percussion, off-the-rails country strums, upright pluck and thump, and unruly junkyard roots rock bits….
- 4/5, No Depression, U.S.A.

… A lot of creative panache… that make for an exciting ride.
-, Germany

Muerte Pan Alley on Facebook
Muerte Pan Alley on Google Play

That place is a weird and wonderful one, with Muerte Pan Alley dredging up all of the best bits from a varied and influential career while still being its own thing. The trio cough up a gnarled blur of folk, blues, country, metal and rock on Clunk and Sputter….
- Calgary Herald, Canada

Elke song van Muerte Pan Alley spreekt tot de verbeelding zowel omwille van de hyperkinetische tempo’s als de onderliggende Mississippi groove wanneer er even adem wordt gehaald. Je kan hun eigen soundomschrijving alleen maar bijtreden : bluescountryrock ‘past-present-and-futur’ maar dan met een bijhorende punkattitude!
-, Belgium

Muerte Pan Alley on iTunes
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Now On

For those of you consumers whose preferred method of download is Bandcamp, the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir back catalogue is finally there. Of course, the new Muerte Pan Alley is there, too, as is Agnostic-Phibes.

Clunk & Sputter
On Sale
at CD Baby

Here it is. After the long wait, the first copies of Muerte Pan Alley's Clunk & Sputter are up for grabs. CD Baby is the first vendor to sell it. See that media player to the right? You can order it right there. And you can listen to four songs in their entirety along with previews of everything. Good deal, huh?

Here's a shopping tip. CD Baby is not charging for shipping between December 1 and 3rd of 2014. Well, they are charging one cent. Sorry if you feel misled. This includes international orders. Put the power of the euro and the pound to work for you. This offer is good for the S.A.P. back catalogue, including Agnostic MGC, Agnostic-Phibes, and Puritans discs.

In the coming days, keep your eyes peeled for Clunk & Sputter on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, and all your other fave digital vendors.

The First Full
Song by
Muerte Pan Alley

There is light at the end of the tunnel. It comes in the form of "Rich Man's Grave", the first song that Muerte Pan Alley is letting you hear.

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