AMGC on Vinyl. Finally.

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir Ten Thousand

A vinyl edition of Ten Thousand is imminent. Lockbox Record Club in conjunction with S.A.P. Recordings will be putting out the re-issue this spring. That’s right. You audiophiles who hate the sound of digital can revel in the analog glory of Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir with all the pops and hisses of the music that influenced them. Actually, that’s not true. It’s being pressed with new technology that minimizes surface noise. If you take care of your vinyl and dust it properly before each play, you may be able to minimize the deterioration. Stay tuned for details.

New Muerte Pan Alley. A Soundtrack.

Beware. Soundtrack to Intersection (and Music for Inside The Ku Klux Klan) is being prepped for release in April. Bob Keelaghan took his soundtracks for those two short films, embellished some of the music with Jason Woolley and Ron Oxoby, and added a few pieces that were relegated to the cutting room floor to compile a record that tells a story with the music alone. Be prepared for a melding of blues, avant garde, country, jazz, noise, and doom. Maybe it ain’t yer cup o’ tea. Maybe it is, if you like your tea spiked with herbs. Or if you have an appreciation of soundtracks. Or if you like to expand your brain. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s the film Intersection.

In Other News…

Nothing has changed. the Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir remain broken up. Don’t pray for miracles.