Country Fresh - Bob Keelaghan

Former Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir guitarist (and current member of Muerte Pan Alley) is making forays into the world of film soundtracks. This year, he scored the British Channel 4 documentary Inside The Ku Klux Klan as well as the dark, existentialist comedy Intersection (featured at this year’s Palm Springs International Shortfest). Country Fresh: A Ghost Guitar Soundtrack features Keelaghan’s music composed last year for the yet-to-be-released low-budget, horror comedy Country Fresh, written and directed by Terry Irwin.

This EP is a collection of pieces composed solely for the guitar that mesh country finger picking with stoner/doom metal, spaghetti western, experimental noise, and film noir jazz. Taken as a whole piece, Country Fresh is a trippy and hypnotic journey through folk melodies, dissonant intervals, and heavy, distorted drones. It is a movie unto itself, leaving the visuals to the imagination of the listener.


Are you still reading this? No, probably not. Who the hell reads these press releases past the first paragraph, anyway? Now that you’ve tuned out, we can tell you that Country Fresh hasn’t been released because it’s a snuff movie. That’s right. It’s out of the bag. We’re not talking about English gents snorting tobacco, now. When was the last time you enjoyed a snuff movie with your alcoholic, drug buddies who were unspeakably proud of their knife collections? Was it John Landis’ version of The Twilight Zone? Batman’s Dark Nightgown? We can’t tell you how or when someone got snuffed in Country Fresh, but believe me, it is a tale! Hooowheeee! Let’s just say that an extra is playing a perpetually insignificant role thanks to the magic of movie making. Just look really closely at every detail. You’ll have to track down a copy from your flakka dealer or his illegal gun supplier. Granted, today’s digital generation is painfully ignorant of the classic snuff genre. They’re too busy playing video games while the military PR hacks leak snuff videos of laser-guided missiles, impersonally vaporizing their targets, to major news organizations who willfully broadcast them to millions of viewers who can’t tell the difference between the news and a Hollywood movie. Let’s not even mention the nationalist-cum- religious-fanatics who get off making use of the world’s greatest broadcast medium to show off their own sadistic executions. Tomayto. Tomahto. By the way, neither of those camps were involved in the production of Country Fresh. This movie has no international political agenda. Wait, is this getting too tasteless? Are we getting off track? There we go again; trying to make some greater, more meaningful point about the human condition and how the lines between art and reality blur. (Fart. Burp.)

Is there a point to this? Well, it’s a world full of horror. Hence independent, low-budget horror movies get made. Country Fresh is one of them. Country Fresh: A Ghost Guitar Soundtrack is the music that accompanies it and sets the mood.

Oh yeah, the last two songs are from a short film titled Bag, made by AMGC/Muerte Pan Alley drummer Jason Woolley. That’s it. Okay. Questions?